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:: 都市漫步者 – 漫步巴黎的艺术

15 dicembre 2018

FlaneurPer i nostri lettori di lingua cinese (siete tanti) vi segnalo che Lo spirito della flânerie: Flâneur: L’arte di vagabondare per Parigi di Federico Castigliano ha la sua edizione in lingua cinese per il prestigioso editore “Chinese Academy of Social Sciences”.

Questa è la bella copertina. E questo l’annuncio che ha fatto l’autore proprio oggi:

Today I have the big pleasure to announce the publication of 都市漫步者 – 漫步巴黎的艺术, the Chinese translation of my “Flâneur”, published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The book is available in all bookstores around China and in the biggest Chinese on line stores (Taobao, Jingdong, DangDang, etc..), for example following this link:

It has been a long and exciting work. I would like to thank all those who have supported and assisted me for the publication of the Chinese version of this book. Thanks to Professor Liu Xuehui, Vice Dean of the Beijing International Studies University; Professor Zhang Ke; Professor Fang Youzhong; Bai Yan, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China at the Beijing International Studies University; Professor Li Yanming; Professor Wang Jing and Professor Chen Weigong, Chief of the Research Department of Western European Cultures and Languages. Thanks to Mrs. Zhang Ping, editor of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Publishing House, and Mrs. Wang Hongjie, copyright manager.

A big thanks to my colleague, Mrs. Sun Shuang, for her Chinese translation of my book and to Professor Cao Shengchao, for his help in the translation. Thanks to my colleagues and students of the Beijing International Studies University and of the Beijing Foreign Studies University: their enthusiasm and optimism have had a profound impact on me. In addiction, thanks to photographers Tang Lijun, Ji Ji, Wang Jiao, Chaeyoung Hwang and Thomas Gourmelon for taking the photos included in my book.

A special thank you go to Mr. Thierry Lasserre, General Director of the Alliance Française in the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia, and to Mrs. Zhang Ying, Head of Cultural Affairs of the Beijing French Cultural Institute.